Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Blogging is a brilliant thing. 

I use this blog for a number of reasons: to let you all peek into my life, to share my artistic process, to teach you things about business that I've learned along the way. But more than anything, this blog is a documentation of my growth as an artist, a business owner, and as a person.

When I write day-to-day posts, I am usually thinking of that post alone. "This one will be a DIY", "This one will be about my upcoming show", "This will be just a bunch of pictures", etc. However, as the year is coming to an end, I decided to go back month by month and put together a sort of recap of what I blogged about in 2011.

As I read each blog post, they no longer seemed isolated and were more like clues to what I was doing, feeling, working on, and trying to accomplish at that point in time. They are a diary of my life, that I get to share with all of you. I am so grateful that you can be along for the ride.

So, what happened in 2011??:

In January I introduced you to my dogs, Lilly and Sadie, and told you why they aren't normal.

In February I wrote about the importance of art shows and shared my favorite business resources with you.

March was spent celebrating a 12-Monthiversary, writing about the value of handwritten letters, and thinking about all of the lessons that the movie, "Up" can teach us.

In April, I introduced you to Buck and Libby and painted a picture for the upcoming Bike Month in May.

I created a snazzy new DIY Art show booth and taught you how to create your own in May.

June was an exciting month, filled with some obsessions and a surprise proposal!

July was spent doing some major brainstorming...

... to create lots of new artwork in August!

September was a busy month! I introduced you to little me and some entrepreneurs you should know. I also gave you a little pick-me-up and a tour of my lottery house.

October was my birthday month so I continued the tradition of writing my "27 Things" list. I also showed you some of my favorite Halloween costumes for the kiddos.

In November I announced my super fun upcoming Right Brain Business Plan workshops and learned how to make some yummy spiced apple cider right in my coffee maker!

December was a lovely end to the year filled with a mitten exchange, a Christmas party filled with DIY decor, and our beautiful engagement photos.

All in all it was a wonderful, magical, fun, and productive year to remember.

Cheers to 2012!

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