Friday, February 18, 2011

Websites I Love

It's unbelievable how much I have learned about being a business owner just by browsing blogs, keeping my eyes peeled (that saying gives me the creeps by the way), and googling like a crazy person. So, in order to pay it forward, I thought I would share the websites I have found, use, and LOVE.

This is an easy-to-use site for creating mailing lists and email campaigns. My super fun monthly newsletters are created through this site. You can sign up for them over there on the right ----->
or by clicking here: (Newsletter! WooHoo!)

If bookkeeping intimidates you, this will be your best friend. It's super easy to keep track of your finances, you can link up your bank account, and it's FREE. Sa-weeeet!

This blog is stuffed full of awesome tips and articles about owning and running a successful art business. It offers insight on everything from inspiring creativity and pricing your work, to becoming a licensed artist and navigating the twitter world. If you're an artist, you should check it out!

I just recently discovered this website and it's great as both a business owner and an artist. On one hand, I can work as a freelancer, finding jobs that have been posted like website design and illustration. On the other hand, I can find people to hire to do those things that I don't know how to do that can help my business (more intricate website building, bookkeeping, etc.) One-stop shop!

5.  Wix

This is the platform that I used to design and build both of my websites ( and It is free to build sites and it's SUPER user-friendly. There are tons of templates to make your own, or you can start from scratch. Love. Love. Love.

This is the website that I order all of my promotional items from. I've gotten everything from business cards to magnets to an art show banner. They always have crazy good deals going on and many times you can get free items as well.

Okay, so they don't have a very creative name, but you know exactly what you're getting! I order all of my clear plastic sleeves for my fine art prints from this company. They have a ZILLION sizing options, fast shipping, and good customer service.

This is the company that I order my shipping supplies from.  They have everything you can think of for shipping/packing purposes at great bulk prices. But be warned, when you order in bulk, you get GIANT packages that take over your living room (haha)

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