Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Amazing Saturday Night: A Surprise Proposal!

Yesterday was a FABULOUS day! 

Kyle and I have been dating for a little over 15 months and we've been living together for a couple of months now. It has been truly great, yet as many of you know, living together also means getting into a routine and falling into a sort of comfort level that can quickly become a rut. So, to fix this rut we decided to have an overdue date night on Saturday. 

Our very first date happened at Newport on the Levee and included dinner followed by a walk by the river and across into Cincinnati onto Serpentine wall. For our one-year anniversary we relived this date, however we had to skip the walk by the river since we had been getting a lot of rain that month and it was majorly flooded. Yesterday we decided to do our go-to date night and we did dinner and sightseeing down by the river.
We decided to do dinner at Jax Grille since it wasn't very packed and we could be seated right away. We had also both eaten there before and had good experience with their food. It didn't disappoint this time either-- we each got dinner and a beer and sat and chatted about nothing and laughed (as we tend to do).

Before we left the restaurant we got change from our waitress so we could use the sightseeing telescope to check out the city view. It was good weather, a touch humid, but luckily not raining. We walked and talked and once we got closer to the river we found an open telescope. Kyle put the money in and checked out the view first. Then he let me have a try.

As I was peering into the scope he said, "Do you see it?"

I said, "See what?"

"Can you read the words?"

I start searching for words and then I see them.

Across the river from us on Serpentine Wall was a big sign with glowing pink letters that said, 

Marry Me?

Us by our beautiful sign! (Props to my Daddio for his awesome carpentry skills)
I pulled my face away from the telescope to see him on bended knee holding a ring and my mind went fuzzy.

Me: "EEEE!!! BABEROO!!!??" (my nickname for him)
Kyle: "Megan Peters, will you marry me?"
Me: "BABEROOOOOO!!!!!!?"

** I shove my face back into the telescope to make sure I just saw what I saw **

 Me: "YES!!!!"

** I'm still frantic at this point and I keep going back and forth between Kyle and the telescope**

Kyle: "Well, give me your hand."

** I hold out both hands, too excited to think about which one was which at this point **

Me: "Baberoo! Baberoo! BABEROOOOO!!!"

** smooches and lovey-dovey mushiness ensues**

After the proposal we drove across the bridge to where the sign was to be greeted by our cheering family and friends. We got celebratory hugs and handshakes and then went back to my parents house to celebrate with food, drinks, and cake. 

Beyond excited and doing a happy dance!
The entire night was unbelievable and I was TOTALLY SURPRISED! Kyle has since said that he had originally planned to propose the night of our 1-year anniversary but the flooded river put a damper on that plan. I think it definitely turned out for the best because not only was the way he proposed super cute and clever, but doing it on just a random Saturday night led me to not suspect a thing.


The Ring (Chocolate Diamond in the center) Baberoo did good.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such a sweet proposal story :)

    And OMG your ring is GORGEOUS!

  2. Congrats!!! What a wonderful way to propose and LOVE the ring!!!

  3. YAY! That's so exciting. What a sweet and fun way to propose, too.

    Gorgeous ring. :]

  4. Thanks so much, ladies! I can't complain-- I'm pretty much the luckiest girl alive, hehe

  5. It's so nice to know that there are still romantics in this world of ours. May your years together be happy, loving, and many!

  6. Oh Meggy, I'm so happy for y'all!! May your love always stand as a testament to your Aunt Shay's brilliance. :-) Really though, I love you and am so happy for you. I wish you the happiest of ever-after's.

  7. Still makes me smile to read your story! A match made in Heaven!!! jb