Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The dog is not normal...Part Two

In my last entry I elaborated about why Lilly is not normal.

This time, in Part Two, is a tiny glimpse into why Sadie is not normal. Let me start by saying that there are many reasons why Sadie is not normal.

Many people hear the words "Pit Bull" and immediately think "vicious beast". This is an unfortunate stereotype and the behavior of dogs depends on how they are raised and trained. But I digress...

Sadie, on the other hand, is afraid of everything. Bugs, water, the vacuum, everything. She is definitely NOT a vicious beast.

As proof, I took this picture of her the other day. I was lying in bed because I haven't been feeling well, and I opened the door to let Sadie and Lilly into the bedroom while I napped, because they like to look out the window. As I'm lying there, with Lilly watching for deer out of the back window, I hear Sadie whining frantically. When I looked around the corner to see what she was whining about I find this:

Sadie wanted to enter the bedroom but couldn't get past the big scary extension cord blocking her way!! Look how pitiful she looks, hahaha!

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