Thursday, February 24, 2011

Belated Valentine's Day

I just wanted to pop in to show you what I made for my favorite little nephew, Gavin, for Valentine's Day! My mom order some vinyl wall decals and they came in a little cardboard tube, which she gave to me to craft with. When it came time to send Gav some Valentine's Day goodies, I thought it would be a perfect little canister to mail to Arkansas.

I covered it in gesso, then painted the tube into Sir Topham Hatt from Thomas and Friends. When he was done, I popped off the top (his hat) and filled it with flimsy paperback books and a handwritten note. 

What are some Valentine's gifts you sent or received this year??


  1. He loves his Sir Thomas Hat, by the way! (And no, that's not a type....that's what he calls Sir Topham Hat.) We love you!

  2. Megan, You need to do more of these. I will save all my tubes for you. Keep em coming. LOVE it!