Friday, January 21, 2011

The dog is not normal...

Kyle has two dogs that I have emotionally adopted as my own. One is a pit bull terrier named Sadie who is affectionate to the point of annoyance but who is also hard to stay mad at due to her adorable face.
Looking pitiful out in the rain (she HATES getting wet)

Th other dog, and the one I am referring to in this post title, is a husky/german shepherd mix named Lilly. She has many nicknames including the most frequently used "Lilly-Billy" (it just flows), "Lillian Shepherdski" (her made-up sophisticated full name), and "Snoot" (due to her tendency to feel more important than everyone else in the room). She is fiercely independent, especially in comparison to Sadie, AKA "Cuddlemonster", and her needy personality.

So anywho, Kyle's back yard is not fenced in (yet) so when we let the dogs out, we have to do so one at a time and they are linked to a leash that is secured in the back yard. In the snowy weather that we have been having (Sadie's nightmare), the routine typically goes as follows:

  1. Let Sadie out first
  2. Let her back in approximately 15 seconds later after she frantically jumps on the door and barks out of fear of hypothermia or abandonment
  3. Let Lilly out
  4. Wait hours
  5. After she barks at invisible deer and would-be intruders in order to defend and protect the house, forcefully pull her back in the house so as not to irritate the neighbors
The puppy LOVES the cold! Sadie acts as though she is dying a mere seconds after being let out, while Lilly would breathe in the cold fresh air for hours if you let her. As a matter of fact, today after a winter storm and about 6-8 inches of fresh snow, I let Lilly out to do her business. About 10 minutes later, I check to see if she wants back in only to find her like this:

Not simply dealing with the snow, but rather LYING in it, relaxing, enjoying the chilly day. Not normal I tell you!
"Umm, do you mind?"
It is definitely her Husky roots coming out in these cold winter months.

While she is a freak of nature and exhibits some unusual behavior as seen in this post, she is 100% lovable and one of the most well-behaved dogs I've ever known. 

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