Monday, March 14, 2011

12 Monthiversary

Sunday, March 13th marked one year since my boyfriend, Kyle, and I began dating. It was this date last year that we met at Brio at Newport on the Levee, had dinner, and then walked for miles by the river just laughing, talking, and getting to know each other. We have been inseparable ever since.

Since we are total nerds, we have been celebrating our "Monthiversaries" since month one. When you are happy and in love, why not celebrate?? We get a lot of crap from family and friends about how cheesy we are sometimes, but we could care less. Let the celebrating continue!

To celebrate the big one-year mark, we decided to spend the day together and revisit our first date.

The morning began with some surprise cuddles from the Cuddlemonster (Sadie). We try very hard to keep the puppies off the bed, but sometimes they are just too darn cute to resist. Sadie thinks she is a "people" so I had to capture her snuggle-tactics. I promise this was not staged. This is her, "wrap my arm around Kyle and bury my giant face into his neck" maneuver. Sneaky, and adorbs!

Next, it was breakfast time. We had to make a little bit of time for chores, so while Kyle sorted the laundry upstairs, I made some surprise "heart" and number "12" whole wheat berry pancakes with blueberry syrup to commemorate the special day. Yummmmy!

We spent a lot of our day just relaxing, watching a bit of TV and such, and then decided to go down to Newport on the Levee for dinner and a movie. We were aiming for the 2:50pm showing of Battle: Los Angeles but arrived too late so we decided to eat an early dinner first at Brio. It was super delicious and so fun to reminisce about our first-date jitters 365 days prior. We each got the same drinks that we did on our first date and just ate and talked about our relationship-- about how far we've come and what we dream about doing in the future. So lovely!

After dinner we walked around the Levee. A year ago, we walked everywhere! Covington landing, across the Purple People Bridge, checked out Serpentine Wall, back across the bridge, etc. etc. This year, we have been having some epic flooding so we didn't get to retrace our footsteps. We walked along Covington landing a bit and it was strange to see the places we went completely under water. Last year we walked down these steps and took a stroll along the riverbank. This year, not so much.

After our stroll, it was movie time! We watched Battle: L.A. Which I wasn't sure I would like, but we both really enjoyed it. Action packed the whole time! Good stuff!

Overall it was a great day! It's strange how emotions and sentimentality can alter your sense of time. A year ago seems like only yesterday, but at the same time, it feels as though Kyle and I have known each other forever. Our lives have turned totally upside down (in a good way) and we cannot wait for the adventures we'll have ahead.

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