Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tiny MoKoPo

During my recent move I was given the task of going through a bunch of old bins filled with "keepsakes" and throw out what was meaningless and take the good stuff to my new home. Two of these stellar finds were file boxes FILLED with old school papers, awards, and report cards from my younger years. I am SO SO grateful that my mom decided to keep them for so many years.

Rummaging through them has been both wildly entertaining and eye-opening. There are some ridiculous drawings and stories I created as a youngster along with some bits of evidence that perhaps I was born to be artsy.

Here are a few of my favorites from ages 3-6:

Diggin' the fringed pants!

I like our mix and match outfits!
I was pretty impressed by my grasp of perspective here. Look how tiny I drew myself down at the bottom!

My love for New Kids on the Block began at a young age...haha!
Ah, Ninja Turtles... such a sign of the times!

Preschool MoKoPo

My BFF, Lizzy, and me in "Daisies". This photo is an AMAZING find because it shows my botched attempt at cutting my own bangs when I was 5. Check those suckers out!

My color addiction started back then. I couldn't pick just one!

Apparently, I liked art.

This picture was a special find for me too. In an earlier post I mentioned that in preschool I vividly remember my teacher drawing a unicorn and thinking that being able to do so was the test of a true artist and I wanted nothing more than to be able to draw like that. Well, if you look closely, you can see where my teacher drew a "connect-the-dots" type of image for me so I can draw my very own unicorn.

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