Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am Currently Obsessed With...

Craft Supply Shops

I had never shopped Etsy for supplies before and I had no idea what I was missing! Once I started searching for things like paper products, labels, tape, and packaging materials, my eyes were opened to a whole wonderland of fun stuff! Shopping for these goodies turns me into a kid in a candy store--- I just hope I don't spend more than I make!

Top Left: InspireLovely Top Right: kawaiigoodies Bottom Left: PrettyTape Bottom Right: knotandbow

 Kitschy Housewares
Maybe it's the super bright colors, or the playful subject matter, or maybe it's just the overall ridiculous tackiness of it all, but I've recently begun to appreciate the look of kitsch! I first stumbled upon Etsy seller, kitschcafe, and fell in love with the whole look of his shop. Instead of looking junky and "used", each piece well brilliantly photographed and organized, allowing its fun personality to show through. Now it's just a matter of knowing how much "kitsch" is too much "kitsch"-- don't want to overdo it!

Top Left: CaughtMyEyeCandy Top Right: thehopetree Bottom Left: kitschcafe Bottom Right: melanieperalto28

 Uniform Shop Listings

There's something very therapeutic about looking at a shop with organized and uniform listings. As a right-brained thinker my creative brain is always active. So when my structured, logical left-brain side is satisfied by the consistency of these types of listings, it is a much more relaxing experience. Plus, when you have very similar products for sale, having them all lined up makes it easier for me, as a buyer, to see the differences and pick which one I like the best!

Top Left: YellowHeartArt Top Right: Kreativlink Bottom Left: kinshippress Bottom right: sarahedesigns

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