Monday, May 30, 2011

A Very Special Tuesday Progression!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my aunt Shannon, a teacher at Crossroads Elementary School, to paint some pretty pictures with a group of her students! A while back I designed the '10-'11 school T-shirt to go along with their "Rockin and Rollin" theme (seen below). This time she asked me to come in and teach the 5th graders a mini art lesson that included my layered painting techniques mixed with themes from the books they just read, "Savvy" and "Scumble" by Ingrid Law.

In "Savvy", the reader is introduced to a group of kids with supernatural abilities. These abilities are referred to as their "Savvies". In "Scumble", the kids learn to "scumble their savvies" or, in other words, find a way to hide these special powers away from others without diminishing their value. Shannon (my aunt) said that while reading these books she was reminded of my "Tuesday Progressions"; that I start out painting things that eventually get covered up anyway. The underlying bits of the painting (the painting's savvies) may end up being hidden from others (scumbled), but they each add to the overall look and value of the painting. Perfect, right??

So what exactly was the project? The kids were each given a canvas board, which they painted a solid background color. When I arrived, I first had them use Sharpies to write down their "Savvies" or special talents, all over the canvas. Then, they painted over (or "scumbled") these savvies by painting a picture on top of them about their dreams. Their savvies were in turn, hidden from the view, but they remained a necessary step in the development of the overall painting. Their special talents made their dreams possible.

Since the kids were shown my Tuesday Progressions in class in the past and were familiar with them, I decided it would be fun for me to dedicate this week's "Tuesday Progression" to these wonderful students and feature their own progression photos instead! So here are the talented kiddos!:









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  1. Look at my precious little darlings!!! Aren't they adorable! Meg, we can't thank you enough for spending the morning with us. The kids had an absolute ball, and we couldn't have thought of a better culminating project to close out these two awesome books! You really drove the meaning of the books home for the kids, and gave them an experience they will never forget! Thank you so very much kiddo, and whenever you want to get "out of the studio," please come back. My kids would ALWAYS be honored to paint with such a pro!!
    Love Ya!!
    Aunt Shay