Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hellooooooo Summer!

The past two days have been HEAVEN! After the rainiest May in Cincinnati in, well, forever, it has been an incredible mood-booster to have two straight days with sunny, zero-rain, 90+ degree weather. Summertime is officially here!

The house I grew up in always had a pool and when I think of summers from my childhood I think Marco Polo, creating whirlpools by walking in circles around the edge of the pool, cookouts, and suntans. It's a wonder my fingers and toes aren't permanently pruney from the endless hours spent underwater. Now, as an adult, I am lucky enough to live right next door to that childhood home, and every year when the temperature soars and the A/C just isn't cutting it, I thank my lucky stars that the pool I spent hours in as a child is still just a couple of steps away.

I declared the past two days a mini-vacation. As all you self-employed people know, when you own your own business it is hard to separate work from downtime. There is always one more listing to create, one little detail to add to the painting, one email to respond to, etc. So, for the past two days, I spent the entire day by the pool, soaking up some sun, drinking some Mike's Hard Lemonades, playing Uno with my love, and having water fights with the fam. I plan to get back to work tomorrow but this little bit of mindless fun has been just want I needed. I am refreshed, relaxed, and filled with renewed creativity!

What are your favorite summertime activities? Favorite summer memories from childhood? I would love to hear about them!

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