Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now

It is on a daily basis that I see something, or do something, and think, "I am SO obsessed with this right now". I thought I'd share a couple of these things with you, my lovely readers.

1. Aztec Spice Mochas from Coffee Emporium

Photo by Tony T. Yelp.com

I first fell in love with this local coffee shop after an interview I had at the Over-The-Rhine location. I grabbed a white chocolate raspberry mocha and almost couldn't focus on the interview, it was so delicious. Lucky for me, there is a second location in Hyde Park, just 10 minutes away.

A couple of months ago, on one chilly morning, I stopped for my morning caffeine fix and decided to try the "Aztec Spice" mocha-- and then I died and went to heaven. It's the delicious mocha taste I love with a dash of cozy, make-you-warm-all-over spiciness. If you're in Cincinnati, try it. And I suggest splurging and going with whole milk for a desserty experience. Yummmm.

2. Adele
Photo from Adele.tv

I think I first found Adele via Pandora Radio on my "Duffy" station. Since then, my "Duffy" station has changed to my "Adele" station (sorry Duffy) and I haven't found one song of hers that I don't LOVE. She is amazingly, genuinely, deep down talented and her songs speak to my heart. I also find that I do my best painting with her voice in the background (at least that's what I tell myself)

3. Headbands

My love bought me a kickass gold headband for Christmas from Sprightly Strands, a fellow Etsian and Cincinnatian, and I have wanted every headband I've seen ever since. Here are some I have my eyes set on:

Beaded Headbands by Beaded Hope
Rose Drop Headbands by taprilcrosier
Silver Circle Chain Headband by bethanylorelle

4. Yellow
photo from designspongeonline.com

I never had much of an affinity for yellow. Don't get me wrong, I've never hated it, it's just never been the color I've been drawn to first, or even second for that matter. But lately, I've been particularly drawn to all things sunny and I want NEED the color of sunshine in my life. There's something about yellow that makes you smile, think of summer, and generally cheery all-around.

5. Pinterest

I. Am. OBSESSED. For those who have never heard of this website, it is basically like a giant virtual bulletin board that you "pin" the amazing things you find online so that you can find them later. You get to categorize them anyway you want, and you can view other people's "boards" as well. For example, some of my categories include "Need to Make" for DIY projects, "Dream Studio" for art workspace inspiration, and "Adorbs" for those random bits of cuteness that I want to hang on to. For those who are already members, here are my boards, feel free to "follow" me: MoKoPo Boards

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I love the blue rose headband! I have been hearing so much about pinterest lately! I haven't joined yet, I'm scared that is where all of my time will go lol. Tumblr had my heart for a little while :)