Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist!

1. The Birds in Flight Locket by verabel

I think I've added nearly all of this artist's lockets to my favorites. They are all so beautiful that it's hard to decide and I love the idea of carrying a little piece of your loved ones with you wherever you go.

2. Awesome Amazing Things Print by YellowHeartArt

This artist has some pretty awesome prints in her shop and she recently added some fab necklaces as well! Plus, she's ridiculously funny and you should follow her on twitter! :)

3. Monster Tea Bags by speckless

Umm... how can you NOT smile in the morning if one of these little guys is in your teacup!? SO clever and totally cute! Plus-- they come in a .pdf download format so you can make as many as you want! Genius.

4. Chunky Old Camera Photo Necklace by VectorCloud

Okay, seriously, who knew it was possible to make so many amazing pieces of art and jewelry out of wood?? This one is my fave because I like the chunkiness of it, and the fact that you insert your own photo goes along with my current locket obsession. But there are so many great pieces that you should really check out the whole store!

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