Thursday, December 30, 2010

Studio and Surprises!

This is one of those random, no-real-theme kind of posts. I just wanted to share a couple of new things going on lately...


I made a trip to IKEA the other day in an attempt to make my completely cluttered studio a bit more organized. I was running out of places to put my new work, and I ordered a ton of shipping materials in bulk that I needed to find a home for. There's something so very motivational about having an organized space to be productive in. 
Workspace: I love to have all my paintings up off of the ground! Not only does it keep them safe and out of the way, but they serve as temporary studio decoration until they're sold.
Top: TV- Oddly, I've always been more productive around with the TV on. Top shelf: Oil Paints, Paint Thinner, and Some Inspirational Books. Second Shelf: Acrylic Paints- My Medium of Choice. Bottom Shelf: Colored Pencils, Some Canvas Photo Frames (future projects), My Art Journals, and "Play Paints" (cheaper paint used to experiment in my journals)

There's something I just LOVE about blank canvases... Oh, the potential!! The painting in the back is the beginning of a commissioned piece.
Business/Packaging Area: Laptop, Shipping Scale, Packaging Materials, Business Cards and Coupons. Under the table are bins filled with stuff I take to Art Shows with me. On the wall is one of my favorite prints, "How to Be an Artist" by SARK.
As for the "Surprises" part of the post title, I recently finished and sent a surprise belated wedding gift to my friends Brad and Meghan Otto. You may remember Brad as the guy who commissioned this "Hamster Riding a Chicken" piece.

I knew I wanted to paint them something for their gift and given their sense of humor, I thought they would find a portrait as them in "American Gothic" as fun as I did. So here's the finished product- I had so much fun doing it!

The best part was when I got the text from Brad saying "Are you [effing] kidding me!??!!**!?!?**". Not only did that let me know they received it, I think they enjoyed it. :)


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