Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Art Show! WOOHOO!

This past Saturday was the Loveland High School Arts and Crafts Expo and my very first art show ever! It took a lot of preparation (including a bazillion details to take care of the night before) but I got everything done in time. It was a BLAST and I'll definitely be doing many more shows in the future!
The show started at 10am but Kyle, my mom, and I got there around 8:30 or so to set up. As anticipated, some things did not go as plan but with a little improvising, we finally got my display set up at exactly 10am. Lucky for me, the lady in the booth next to me cancelled at the last minute so I got to spread my stuff out a little bit more.

Things were slow at first. I think my demographic is a little younger than those that came to the show bright and early but as the day went on sales began to pick up. I was VERY happy with my sales, not only because I sold more than I expected, but because I sold a little bit of everything. Some people bought prints, some bought journals, others bought original paintings, and I even got a couple of custom orders to work on. Above all else, I handed out a TON of business cards which I'm very happy about. Another positive thing about doing a show is now all of my items are completed and packaged so they will be easier to post on Etsy (I plan to do that soon so keep a look out for that!)

I am SO SO SO grateful to everyone who made it out to support me in my first show. I'm extra grateful to Kyle and my family for all their help working the display as well as all the prep work that went into it in the days (and months!) prior. I love you all!

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