Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist!

It's been a while since my last "Wishlist" (my apologies!) but my mind was completely on my recent art show and now that it's over, it's back into the swing of things!

OH MY there are a lot of things on Etsy that I just love and with the holiday season upon us, I recommend using this and past Wednesday Wishlists for gift ideas (not just for me, but for anyone you know/love....but mostly me, haha). But enough rambling.... here are some of my latest faves:

1. Retro 1950's Glasses by FunVintageLiving

I found these cute little guys in an Etsy treasury and just loved the green/gold mixture and fancy look.

2. Sofi and the Fish print by holli

Such a simple, sweet, beautiful piece! Adorable.

3. Avocado necklace by lulubugjewelry

SO many cute items in this shop but I decided to pick the one honoring one of my all-time favorite foods...avocados! Mmmm! :)

4. Necklace necklace by PianoBenchDesigns

There are many elegant, pretty items in this artist's shop but this is definitely my favorite! Anything that makes me chuckle out loud in front of my computer screen is automatically added to the wishlist.

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