Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodbye Hiatus!

Well, it sure has been a while. I hope you all remember me....

Starting around Christmas of last year, things have been pretty busy so I've been neglecting MoKoPo Creations a bit (the shop and the blog) and have been feeling a little guilty about it.

What have I been doing, you ask? Here we go:

1. Massage school has kicked into overdrive. We are rapidly approaching graduation (in May) and the State Medical Board Exam (in June) so most of my focus has been on that. I've been attending my regular Monday/Wednesday classes and on top of that, I've been trying to finish up everything that needs to be done in order to graduate. This involves doing one-hour massages in the clinic (I need to complete 40), getting my fingerprints and background check done for the boards, completing my application for the boards including passport photos and notarizing forms, receiving 4 professional massages (one of the better assignments they've given us!), and making up missed classes.

2. Babysitting as much as humanly possible. Woohoo for some cash flow, right?

3. Running like a crazy person. I signed up for the Flying Pig 10K run on May 1st which I'm super excited about. The furthest I've ever run is probably about 5 miles and that was a bazillion years ago (okay, maybe more like 4 years ago) so I had to start from square one as far as training goes. I'm up to 2 miles/day. Since it's been cold I've done all my training indoors on the treadmill and I CAN NOT wait for Spring to come so I can start running outside.

4. Speaking of Spring... hurry up please! Winter has been cold and isolating. I'm getting cabin fever and I need some sunlight and warmth, ASAP. So far the best thing to come from this season is a couple of missed days of school and a chance to play in the snow with the little sibs. (Pictures below)

5. TONS of family time. Since the new year, as a way to save some money and get more organized about eating healthier meals, I've been cooking dinner with my family almost everyday. I'm delegated "Homework Helper" for my little brother and sister which I enjoy doing. At times when we're all finished with school stuff we also have a lot of fun entertaining each other, including the day we did our "Doppelganger Photo Shoot" (Pictures Follow). Long story short, my family is awesome.

New Goals:

1. Staying more updated with this blog and filling everyone in on what's going on in my life
2. Taking more PHOTOS!
3. Once my application for the boards is completed and shipped, and my clinic massages are finished (hopefully by the end of March) I really want to get back into the studio and get back to creating. I miss it so much and my brain (and sketchbook) is bursting with some new ideas! I would love to have a "" re-launch extravaganza....stay tuned :)

Doppelganger Photo Shoot:

Briana as Beyonce

Tyler as Drake:
Snow Pictures:

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