Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Heart Cincinnati

Growing up in Cincinnati there was once a time, mostly as a young teenager, that I couldn't wait to move out of town. "This city is so boring!" was a common line heard on the weekends from me and my fellow 15-year-old friends. However, after moving to Columbus for college I realized just how much I love my home sweet home and how much this great city has to offer. I decided to start a list of some of my favorite spots around the city. I'll be adding one at a time, so be sure to check back for new featured hot spots!

This Week's Spot: The Green Papaya
2942 Wasson Rd
Hyde Park
Cuisine: Thai, Sushi, Vegetarian

I first discovered this little gem when I went out for a "Girl's Night" with a couple of friends. The restaurant itself is small and cozy and the staff is super friendly! The four of us got a couple bottles of wine and ordered a variety of sushi rolls to split. Their Pad Thai is yummy but they offer a huge selection of other entrees filled with veggies that are delish!

My Recommendation: The Green Papaya Roll!
Do not go here without trying this one at least once. Shrimp tempura, salmon, cream cheese, mango, spicy mayo, and crab stick....AMAZING.

Also great: The TaTA Roll! Perfect for a sushi beginner because it's deep-fried. And let's face it, that makes everything delicious!

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