Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Break 2009!!

I'm on summer break at the moment, which totally cracks me up, seeing as how I just started class about 3 weeks ago. I'm taking a year-long accelerated course in Medical Massage and will (hopefully) get my massage license by next June. So far, I really like it! It only takes up my Mondays and Wednesdays and, although they're looooong days (8am-5:30pm) I love that I have the rest of the week to work on my Etsy Shop. It's more challenging than I ever imagined, mostly because there is SO MUCH anatomy to learn in just one week; we have chapter tests every Monday. In the A.M. from 8am until 12:30pm we have an Anatomy and Physiology class taught by a funny, laid-back, California-esque chiropractic doctor. He teaches us your basic A&P course with some of his own anecdotes about natural healing and nutrition (which I find to be pretty fascinating). Then we break for lunch, and from 1pm-5:30pm we have massage class which is usually half lecture on muscles and theories of massage and half hands-on. We partner up, get naked (haha, completely draped and covered of course) and rub each other down. BEST. CLASS. EVER. Who wouldn't love to get 2 massages a week?!

The Mondays/Wednesdays schedule has been amazing so far as it's allowed me to finally focus and get down to business on the things I've neglected for a while when I had my full-time job. I go to the gym and workout pretty much everyday except class days and already I feel a MILLION times better. I've also been cooking a lot more (something I love to do) and I'm starting to get back in the swing of painting a little bit everyday and building up inventory in my MoKoPo Creations shop online. The item at the top of my to-do list, that always seems to be pushed aside for one reason or another, is that I want to get prints made of my canvas paintings. I've gotten a number of comments from people who are fans of my work and are interested in owning something of mine, but cannot afford the original (understandable these days). So! I'm hoping that once I pay the money to get my work professionally scanned and printed it will be worth the investment and hopefully I'll be able to make more of a name for myself in the Etsy community...

Enough rambling for now, BACK TO WORK! :)

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