Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!

I spent this 4th of July with my second family, my friends up in Columbus, OH. It is rare to find a group of people who you can completely be yourself around, without any fear of being judged or made to feel silly. My friends in Columbus are those people. One such friend, Darcy, and I were chatting this weekend about how comfortable we all are around each other. There are no formalities or expectations and we can be away from each other for weeks or months at a time, and when we're back together, we fall right back into place like we never were apart. I arrived on Thursday and after I carried all my luggage and things into where I was staying (Melissa's Condo) I plopped everything down, sat on the floor with Darcy and Steph, and started eating the carry-out sushi I had gotten along the way. There was no formal greetings or silly small talk, we just got right into conversation as Darcy reached over and grabbed a sushi roll off my plate, no questions asked.

I spent most of the weekend lounging by Melissa's pool which was FABULOUS since it was the most "summery" of experiences I've had so far this year. Friday was "Red, White, and Boom" in downtown Columbus so Darcy and I went to Mongolian BBQ to visit Tori (Hi Tor! Your hair looks like...) and we got some delicious grub there. Then we walked to Goodale Park nearby but not before we stopped at the grocery and got some ridiculous beverages called Dragon Joose or something (think Sparks+Dimetapp+Steroids). We sat in the park and drank our Joose and watched the fireworks, but mostly chatted about life, love, and soul mates. Afterwards we met up with Melissa and Matt at Matt's sister's apartment on campus and enjoyed their company before heading home for the night.

Saturday was a lot of fun! Me, Darcy, and Molly went over to Mike's house for a grill-out with his entire family. Delicious food and drinks and a little Catch Phrase made for a great evening. The best part of the night, though, by far was the Sparkler Extravaganza (or "sprinklers" as Mike kept calling them). I used my spiffy new camera and got some great, dynamic shots of us spelling things out and creating designs with light. So. Much. Fun.
Sunday was more pool time followed by a "Rotic" evening (roMANtic minus the man, hehe). We made a TON of food at the house and even though I ruined the chicken for Molly by adding garlic (she's allergic), there were plenty of other goodies to make up for it. Pasta salad, corn on the cob, caesar salad, and of course, Golden Oreos.

I just couldn't get enough of Columbus so I stayed til Monday. Melissa had Monday off so she and I enjoyed our time by the pool all day, then met up with Darcy at BJ's (YUMMMM) for dinner and dessert. I said my goodbyes and made it home just in time for Trivia Night :)

It's weekends like these that keep the possibility of moving to Columbus after school alive.

And one more I jazzed up a bit:

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