Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Pieces of the "Artist" Puzzle

I have had this print by Susan Sark hanging in my bedroom for a number of years and I absolutely love it. I go through the list and each item reminds me of something about me or about my life, and it makes me smile each time. I often read the Featured Seller articles on Etsy and one of the questions is always "What first made you want to become an artist?" Although I understand that the etsy columnist is probably wondering about when the seller first decided to market themselves as an artist and pursue a career in creating things, the thought of "becoming an artist" is kind of funny to me. When I was thinking about this question in relation to my own experience, I realized that I was probably an artist since birth, and that it was just the evolution of these traits that have led me to this point. I've decided to start a list of little moments and experiences and memories I have of my life that revealed a tiny part of the artist in me.
1. I have a vivid memory of being in preschool, at the craft table, wearing my little smock, and feeling appalled as I watched my playmate go from paint color to paint color without washing her brush in between, leaving all of the paints a brown, muddy mess.
2. At that same preschool I remember my teacher, Mrs. Ramundo, drew a unicorn for one of my classmates, and I remember thinking how unbelievably good it was. I quietly went to my corner and attempted to recreate the drawing by myself.
3. I remember my childhood crush teaching me how to shade a drawing, and how that made him even *dreamier*.
4. When I was little, and a a clear product of the 80's, I puffy painted EVERYTHING. My mom used to buy my sister and I plain white Keds and let us puffy paint them. I'm thankful my mom let us wear such terribly tacky shoes just because we made them.
5. My outfits as a tween were completely ridiculous and I loved every bit of it. I'd be mismatched and every color of the rainbow but I didn't care, because I was being myself. One of my favorite Christmas gifts during that time of my life were these fabulous (fabulously hideous) black shoes with checkerboard print..... sweet.
6. I may have been the only 12 year old that religiously taped the Bob Ross (Joy of Painting) episodes.
7. When Tyler and Briana were little and we got bored, I would paint their faces like animals.
Tiger cubs

More will be added as they pop into my head.... :)

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