Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wa Wa Waaaaa

Please excuse the lack of new posts over the past few days, and in the near future. My laptop is a piece of crap and has decided to only work when it really feels like it, which is rarely. I turn it on and it starts up fine, but the screen is completely black and therefore useless. Also, thank you HP, I am just 15 days past my warranty. I'm pretty sure they install a detonator in their computers so that shortly after the 1-year warranty ends, the computer blows up.... super.


  1. Love the new banner, Meg. When I finally decide on a name for my Etsy site, you have to create my logo :)

  2. Your blog is awesome, your journals are beautiful, and your big baby belly is the best.(I hope that was you with the pregnant belly ... :)