Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stu- Stu- Studio!

My own little studio space is officially in the works! For the last couple months I have been slowly taking over my aunt's apartment space with tons of canvas, paintings, paint, drop cloth, pencils, paper, blah blah blah.... She's super sweet and very supportive but I know that when she comes home from work with a shocked look on her face and she struggles to get out, "Ohhh.... another painting?" she's really thinking "oh my god, my place is a disaster!" So, as we've been trying to get all of our storage stuff organized for our yearly yard sale, I realized that a small room down in our basement that is usually filled with TONS of stored crap would be the perfect size for a workspace! So today, while at IKEA with my mom and aunt I stocked up on things I will need to set up the MoKoPo Creations headquarters. I got a sweet drawing desk that, although was a PAIN to put together (my mom can vouch), turned out pretty nice. I've still got a lot to get set up- organizers, painting center, business center with filing etc.- but it's so motivating!! I've added some pictures so you can get a little idea of my progress so far. Keep in mind I'm not quite done, and for GOODNESS SAKE I need some color on the walls!!



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  1. It looks amazing, Meg. I'm so happy for you. You have your own little space for inspiration. You're on your way!