Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Favorites: Mini-Faves

I am completely infatuated with all things "mini" and this Friday Favorites is dedicated to that love! One day at my day job, I was telling a story about being on the phone with someone and one of my coworkers who likes to give me a hard time (eh hum, Dave!) commented that my hand gesture for a telephone was unusually small. Although I didn't really notice, and I still claim it was just because I have small hands, my coworkers continued to tease me about my "tiny phone" and would leave little gifts on my desk including a tiny teacup and saucer, and a tiny Spanish-English dictionary. This just added to my love of miniatures. Below are a few of the sellers I found on Etsy who share my infatuation....enjoy!!

1. Wee Ones

I discovered this seller after she was featured on the "Quit Your Day Job" section of Etsy. Made from polymer clay and spanning such a wide range of subject matter, this artist specializes in Mini-Masterpieces. Although most of her items are textiles/knitting related, I would totally buy them just to add to a collection of all things miniature! My personal favorite is the sushi!

2. The House of Mouse
This seller was featured in the "Open Studio Tour" of the Etsy blog. Yes, her studio is organized and cute, but her little mice are even more ADORABLE. As a loud and proud rodent-hater, who would have thought I'd fall in love with these furry little guys with tails!? She has a wide variety to choose from, including celebrities, occupations, and movie characters. Notice Hannibal Lechter and "Barack Obamouse" clever!

3. Dolittledesign
This seller's shop has the cutest critters I've ever seen! Made from felt, there are many animals, and edibles, to choose from. The first item I came across was the felt penguin with the little heart and I fell in love. And look how cute and wrinkly the little Shar-pei is!! Adorable!

This seller's pieces look good enough to eat-- literally! Tiny pastries, cupcakes, even snowcones, look so realistic and super cute as earrings, necklaces and other wearables! Buy the birthday cake pieces to give as a gift, or colorful cookie and donut earrings as an everyday conversation piece!

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  1. Now I am infatuated with mini's. Such a cute theme. I love the artists you selected also.
    Have a wonderful afternoon.