Thursday, February 26, 2009


So it's been about a week since my last post and I've been pretty productive since then. Last Wednesday through Saturday I was in Phoenix, Arizona for an Investigator Meeting (for my research day job). It was BEAUTIFUL. 77 degrees, sunny, gorgeous resort hotel, delicious catered food. Perfect mini-vacation! The only crappy part was the traveling. All in all I flew from Cincinnati to Charlotte, to Phoenix, then Phoenix to Denver, to Chicago, to Cincinnati. I've now learned to request direct flights only for these meetings. I did get to see my college roommate, Lisa, in Denver on Friday night which was FABULOUS! A free Lisa visit, you can't beat that!! :)

During my down time at the resort, and on all those hours of flying, I was able to formulate some new ideas and projects. I haven't started on my main project idea yet but I'm excited to get it started. You'll have to wait and see...

I checked my P.O. box when I got back and I discovered that I am officially a Limited Liability Company now! Woohoo!! That's a little progress at least! I also went to Home Depot with my mom and little brother and sister (shoutout to Tyler and Briana!) and bought some paint to jazz up my studio. I got some super bright, awesome Disney paint colors. Don't tell anyone, but I got the two-tone purple room idea from a brochure showing a Hannah Montana bedroom, haha. Oh well. I'll post the studio pics as soon as I'm done. I'm VERY excited about it! :)


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