Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Favorites: Undiscovered Etsians

This Friday I'd like to pay tribute to those Etsians who, like me, have not yet had a sale. These seller's are creative, talented, BRILLIANT artists who have not yet been discovered, but whose time is sure to come soon! So visit their shops and show them some love!

1. Six For Five Shop

This artist creates beautiful portraits highlighting the characteristics and history of Jewish Gangsters. His work looks so effortless, and he's truly talented! I am shocked he's a part of the "Undiscovered" club, but being a seller since only January, I'm sure his selling spree will begin soon!
This seller's items are so freakin' cute I'm surprised they're not sold out! Her onesies and tees make little boys look dressed up and little girls look super fashionable. And if her models are her own kids, she's one lucky lady because they are adorable!
This artist is difficult to find! Listed under the seller/username "Tink3663", and with the tagline "Jewelry by JMAC", it's this artist's ink and pen drawings that really drew me in (no pun intended). They are bold, striking, and very detailed and they, along with the jewelry in the shop, show off the wide range of talent this artist possesses.
Although I'm not particularly "religious", I am all for embracing your faith and sharing it with others who do the same. This artist took that concept and created unique, one-of-a-kind "scripture jars" that make beautiful gifts! You can just tell that each jar is filled with love (along with other goodies!)

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