Friday, September 16, 2011

When I Win the Lottery

In case you aren't already aware, I plan to win the lottery at some point in my lifetime.

Notice I didn't say that I "hope" to win. It's going to happen. It's just a matter of when (sooner would be better than later, Universe, but you know, whenevs.) I also plan to win one of those ridiculous jackpots. I'm not talking a $100 scratch-off win. I'm talking instant millionaire.

So, in order to not be completely caught off-guard when I have gobs of money at my disposal, and to not go buying stuff all willy-nilly, I've decided to start browsing, planning, and adding the extravagant things I love to my wishlist now. Pinterest has been a huge help in this and I would love to share my "lottery list" with you all simply because it's fun to imagine!

To get things kicked off, the first thing on the list is of course, a house. And one thing my "lottery house" must have is an amazing studio.

Here are some of my favorites (via Pinterest):

I love the giant window and the gorgeous tree outside!
A modern log-cabin-ish feel
Is this a kitchen-turned-studio? Because that is GENIUS! SO many storage cabinets, island in the middle, even laundry for those messy artsy spills!
Oh...My...God... The ridiculous amount of natural light in this space almost brings a tear to my eye. I would kill for this light!
Oh, why hello there color! Nice to see you, as always.
This looks like it's probably a classroom but I like the laid-back, loungy feel. It would make a great meet-and-collaborate space.
I love the look of exposed brick!
Little ivy-covered cottage studio detached from the house-- how cozy!
Detached studio WITH covered walkway? Even better!
 So, a quick recap of my dream studio:

  1. Detached space from the house
  2. Preferably about the size of a small home
  3. TONS of natural light
  4. Lounge-y meeting space
  5. Lots of color
  6. Big windows
  7. Giant tables
  8. Kitchen-turned studio
  9. A dash of exposed brick
Perfecto. Let's make it happen.

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