Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

1. Dear John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt letterpress card by shopsaplingpress

I automatically add items to my wishlist when they make me laugh out loud (and look like a crazy person in front of my laptop). This, along with the other cards in this series, did exactly that. This one is my personal fave. So simple, yet so adorably hilarious!

2. Face Painter by SophieBlackall

I adore this artist! She has beautiful work and the series that this particular one comes from is brilliant-- Illustrations based on the Craigslist "Missed Connections" sections. Genius.

3. Adams Courthouse by papercutsbyjoe

The talent and patience needed for the artwork shown here is astounding! When you look at the image below, you might think it's a print or even a photograph, when it is in fact a handcut paper cutout!!! Blows. My. Mind.

4. Yarn Wreath (Cool Grey) by ItzFitz

This shop is so cute! It has the festive, welcoming door decorations that I love without the old lady-ish feel! They are so fun and modern yet still have that cozy, "home" feeling. Love.

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