Sunday, November 14, 2010

26 Things...

My 26th Birthday has come and gone and it's time to make my new list of things to do before my next birthday! Luckily, this time I have an entire year to get things crossed of my list (my last list was created only a couple of months before my birthday). SO! Here it is...
  1. Display my work at a Cafe/Gallery I was lucky enough to be featured in the Redtree Gallery's Bike Art Show for the Month of May!
  2. Pay off my Credit Card
  3. Host a Giveaway on my blog Started! Get your entries in by 11/26/10!!
  4. Run 5k without stopping
  5. Visit a place I've never been Cape Coral, Florida Summer 2011
  6. Start an herb garden
  7. Create something wearable my Zazzle Shop is now open and shirts, aprons, etc are available!!
  8. Visit Findlay Market Visited on Sunday 10/23 and got some delicious fresh pasta, pork chops, crepes, and gyros. Mmmm!
  9. Bake a pie from scratch
  10. Create a sign for my massage business
  11. Have 150 Facebook Fans for MoKoPo accomplished thanks to the purchase of a FB ad. Worked like a charm! 
  12. Reach 40 Etsy sales accomplished on 3/17/11 after a front page appearance on Etsy!
  13. Sew something
  14. Make my own granola I made Alton Brown's granola recipe (here) making some minor adjustments (I used whole wheat rolled oats and craisins instead of raisins) and I will never buy store granola again-- DELISH!
  15. Sleep outside
  16. Volunteer somewhere
  17. Read one fiction and one non-fiction book fiction: House Rules by Jodi Picoult nonfiction: The Big Moo by Seth Godin and others
  18. See a movie I've never heard of in the theater
  19. Send a hand-written letter Sent a handmade postcard to my friend, Jess, in South Carolina
  20. Create MoKoPo greeting cards holiday notecards were introduced 12/10, general cards introduced on 3/15/11
  21. Get dressed up and go somewhere fancy for dessert
  22. Go vegetarian for 5 days 1/3/11-1/7/11. It wasn't difficult to not eat meat, more difficult to remember that I wasn't eating meat. But I did it! And feel great! It worked really well as a "restart" button after eating really unhealthily at the end of 2010.
  23. See a play even though it's not technically a "play" I'm counting the fact that Kyle and I went to see "Shrek: The Musical" on 4/13/11
  24. Add at least 3 more prints to my "Gallery of Other Artists" #1- "Do What You Love" ,#2- "Dream Until Your Dreams Come True" prints by letterhappy and #3- She Believed She Could by valentinadesign
  25. Build a snowman
  26. Upcycle something from a thrift store


  1. andrew will start working at findlay market so go see him and he will help you bake a pie. there go's two of them.

  2. Phyllis is always so helpful!