Friday, June 25, 2010

25 Things...

As I was browsing through Etsy the other day I stumbled upon an artist by the name of Michelle Allen. Everything about this woman inspires me! I've been addicted to her blog and just love all of the art tips and ideas offered there. She is totally creative and I admire that so much! She motivates me to just "let go" and start creating for the joy of creating again. I may have lost touch with why I love painting so much in the first place and I hope to get back to that again. One of my new goals is to start focusing more on creating what I WANT to create or expressing what I FEEL rather than trying to come up with a "sellable" product. Art should be fun. Period. So let the fun begin, right?

Aside from her artwork, another idea I saw on her blog that I loved was the list of goals to complete before your next birthday.

Here are mine!:
25 Things to do Before I Turn 26:
  1. Take an art class
  2. Visit my sister, Jen, in Arkansas accomplished 8/23/10-8/31/10-Kyle and I took a road trip through St.Louis, down to Arkansas, then back up through Memphis and Ft.Knox
  3. Start an Art Journal started on 7/15/10- first entry was this list!
  4. Volunteer somewhere  on 09/26/10 Me, Kyle, Ty, Briana, and Abbi helped out with the Paint The Street event in Over-The-Rhine. It was SUPER fun!
  5. Bake a pie from scratch
  6. Make something out of clay accomplished on 7/6/10, made salt and pepper shakers, pics to follow...
  7. Visit a beach
  8. Start and herb garden
  9. Visit an art museum
  10. Go to Findlay Market
  11. Revamp and Relaunch MoKoPo Creations accomplished 7/17/10 (at 1:50 am, haha)
  12. Build something with tools
  13. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  14. Sign up for an Art Show/Craft Fair accomplished 08/18/10- Got my acceptance email from the Loveland Art and Craft Expo on November 6th! SO happy/nervous/overwhelmed/excited!
  15. Do something with my little brother and sister individually, one-on-one
  16. Read a book I should have read in H.S. (but used Cliff's Notes instead, oops)
  17. Build a fort
  18. Visit a Children's Museum accomplished 6/29/10- Cincinnati Museum Center w/ Kyle
  19. Create something "wearable"
  20. Go Kayaking accomplished on 07/02/10- Little Miami River, sunburned but super fun!
  21. See a play
  22. Make my own logo stamp
  23. Update my Flickr account
  24. Create business cards for massage therapy 07/30/10 Business cards ordered and website launched!
  25. Go to the shooting range accomplished on 09/29/19- I'm a nautral! :)
I will be crossing things off my list as I do them. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think, or maybe create your own list! :)

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  1. moog!

    you can cross off a few in maine!! i live on the beach, we have the farnsworth museum (AMAZING art museum), you can kayak to one of the 365 islands off the coast, and i love baking pies from scratch!!!!