Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Seven

I'm stealing this idea from my sister since she likes to steal ideas from me (haha)...

Seven TV Shows I Love to Watch!:

1. The Office 
     I have all of these seasons on DVD and every time I find someone who hasn't seen the show I force them to watch. Usually after one episode, they're hooked.

2. Friends
     I could watch this show over and over again, and I do. I never get tired of reruns and I feel like most life situations can be supplemented with a Friends quote. My favorite episode: The One Where No One's Ready

3. Sex and the City
    I didn't start watching this show until it was played as reruns on TBS since I didn't have HBO. The "clean" rerun version is just as good as the original and I think it's one of the most well-written shows ever.

4. Jeopardy!
    I'm a total trivia nerd and I love to watch this show and shout out the (often incorrect) answers. My sister and I used to watch this together and keep track of points, until the Final Jeopardy round where we'd wager some ridiculous amount like "3 MILLION dollars!"... good times.

5. Dexter
    Oh. My. God. This is my new obsession. I was always told by my friend, Mike, that this was a "total Megan show" but, again, I didn't have Showtime so I never got to watch. Kyle recently found it was available on Netflix so we ordered it on a whim one day and we are completely hooked. Dark. Psychological. Disturbing. Hilarious. Brilliant.

6. The Biggest Loser
    I love a good makeover show and this is the ultimate makeover. I usually DVR this show because they like to over-dramatize every little moment and draw a 45 minute show out to 2 hours, but with the fast forwarding, this show is great. I especially love the finale to see how far the contestants have come. It's inspirational while at the same time, it makes me feel like a lazy bum for spending 2 hours on the couch watching.

7. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
    Some people find Kathy Griffin loud, obnoxious, and inappropriate, but I find her to be hysterical. She says things that other people are afraid to say and while sometimes they are a bit over-the-top I still find myself laughing out loud even when I'm watching alone.

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  1. Shout out to Mike!! woohoooo!!! You better purchase Showtime for the September premiere!!!!