Friday, August 20, 2010

25 Things Update!

Just wanted to update everyone on the status of my "25 Things to do Before I Turn 26" List! I've gotten quite a few of them crossed off and I look forward to crossing off some more!

  1. Take an art class
  2. Visit my sister, Jen, in Arkansas
  3. Start an Art Journal started on 7/15/10- first entry was this list!
  4. Volunteer somewhere
  5. Bake a pie from scratch
  6. Make something out of clay accomplished on 7/6/10, made salt and pepper shakers, pics to follow...
  7. Visit a beach
  8. Start and herb garden
  9. Visit an art museum
  10. Go to Findlay Market
  11. Revamp and Relaunch MoKoPo Creations accomplished 7/17/10 (at 1:50 am, haha)
  12. Build something with tools
  13. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  14. Sign up for an Art Show/Craft Fair accomplished 08/18/10- Got my acceptance email from the Loveland Art and Craft Expo on November 6th! SO happy/nervous/overwhelmed/excited!
  15. Do something with my little brother and sister individually, one-on-one
  16. Read a book I should have read in H.S. (but used Cliff's Notes instead, oops)
  17. Build a fort
  18. Visit a Children's Museum accomplished 6/29/10- Cincinnati Museum Center w/ Kyle
  19. Create something "wearable"
  20. Go Kayaking accomplished on 07/02/10- Little Miami River, sunburned but super fun!
  21. See a play
  22. Make my own logo stamp
  23. Update my Flickr account
  24. Create business cards for massage therapy 07/30/10 Business cards ordered and website launched!
  25. Go to the shooting range

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