Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why do puppies have to be so freakin' cute!!?!?

Well, it's about that time again.... Time for me to get into yet another "I really want a dog" phase. I go through spurts where I'm living the single life, loving my freedom and lack of responsibility, and thinking nothing of it when BAM! I stumble onto Petfinder.com and see all the freakin' ADORABLE puppy eyes staring back at me. I run through all the pros very quickly as to why it would be a great idea for me to get a furry four-legged companion, then slowly, one by one, all the cons come floating back and I talk myself out of it. Not to mention my dad is my landlord and he says "Absolutely Not" to the idea of a dog (although I think secretly my mom is on my side in this debate).

One day last week a really pretty boxer (the dog breed, not the athlete, ha.) wandered up to our neighbor's yard. She looked like she hadn't been fed in weeks and was covered in fleas and scabs. Poor thing. My dad fed her and then we called a local shelter to come get her and get her the healthcare she needed. Before she left I threw on my best "daddy's little girl" look and proceeded with the whining. "But daaaad! She wandered here of all places!! It's faaaaate! Can I keeeep her??"... to no avail. Lucy

After getting the puppy bug again from Lucy (That's what I secretly named the boxer), I decided to browse petfinder.com and discovered a new love-of-my-life that is currently at a local shelter. His name is Stewart and he is PRECIOUS! I want to go visit him in person but that might be the end of me...I'll definitely cave the moment he cuddles up to me and my dad may have to evict me, hahaha.


1. I only have class from 8am-5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, the rest of my time is completely free
2. I have a huge fenced-in yard
3. It would be nice to have a companion
4. it may give me a sense of responsibility and structure that I'm lacking right now
5. I'm surrounded by my family so if I had to go out of town for any reason I have plenty of dogsitters available

1. I wouldn't be able to just get up and go out of town whenever I please
2. I don't have much of a steady income and caring for a dog costs $$
3. Pooper Scooping
4. Puppy teething, potty training, and destroyed carpet...wa wa waa

Maybe one day I'll just go for it and I'm sure I'll enjoy every minute of it. But for now, I'll just block Petfinder.com from my daily web browsing and suppress my Puppy Addiction until a couple months from now when it flares up again...


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