Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hump Day Boredom

Nothing makes me happier than coming home from work, stripping off all my stuffy work clothes, throwing on something comfy and cozy, pouring a class of wine, and vegging on the couch. Ahhhhh relaxation! I was browsing Facebook when I came across this little fill-in-the-blank kind of mini-survey. So, just to pass the time, I thought I'd fill it out while I watch a little Castaway on TV (Tom Hanks is a genius!)

1. My last kiss... is yet to come.
2. I am listening to... the thunderstorm that is taking place on Castaway.
3. I talk... in my sleep sometimes.
4. I love... laughter.
5. My best friend(s).... are all over the country.
6. My first real kiss....was from someone I'll never forget.
7. Love is... everything.
8. Marriage is... optional.
9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... about you.
10. I always... change my mind.
11. The last time I really cried was because... I think too much.
12. My cell phone... is insured this time.
13. When I wake up in the morning... I figure out a way to stay in bed as long as possible.
14. When I go to sleep... I set my alarm knowing I'll press snooze about 4 times.
15. Right now... my lips are dark purple.
16. Babies are... high-maintenance.
17. I get annoyed when... people take themselves too seriously.
18. Today I... had fun with coworkers.
19. Tomorrow I... have to be at work early to meet a patient who probably won't show up anyway.
20. I really want to be... content.

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  1. Loves that photograph with lots of pencils.. its soooooo attractive!