Saturday, February 7, 2009

MoKoPo Creations, LLC?

So I had my meeting with my business counselor, John, today (Hi John!). It went really well I think. I got TONS of information about where to begin and how to make myself legit. And now, I have TONS of paperwork to file, haha. Kind of confusing and overwhelming (e.g. To become an LLC you need a tax ID, but to get a tax ID you need to be an LLC....hmmm). I'll figure it out.

I submitted my Summerfair application last night. I find out in mid-March whether or not I got in. The application was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. A lot of regulations about image size and specifications, having to price everything up front, and the fact that the only payment they accepted was a personal check to be postmarked by yesterday. The check situation is a dumb idea. You have to send in your receipt of application with the check, but you don't find out that they take personal check only until after you apply. By the time I submitted my application all the post offices were closed. Hopefully the receipt saying I submitted it on the 6th will be good enough, even though my check is postmarked the 7th. Blah.

The weather outside is RIDICULOUS. According to my weather tracker on my computer desktop it's 56 degrees outside! At 10:30pm! In February! I love it. Can't wait for Spring!

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