Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Deadline looooooming...

Work was rough today. I was exhausted all day and feeling kind of "blah". I'm so tired of winter. I want warm weather. And to be able to walk places instead of driving in the snow. My commute home today, which usually takes about 15-20 minutes, took me an hour and a half. I did swing by Michael's on the way home though and, Alas! ULTRAMARINE BLUE was back in stock!! I bought all of them, haha. I finally finished the two paintings that were missing the blue and now I just have a few touch-ups to go. I have to start taking pictures of my work tomorrow. The Summerfair deadline is FRIDAY! I really hope I get in but I also know it will be a ton of work if I do. I think I'm ready though.

That's all I've been doing is working my butt off to get things together. My aunts (who I live with) were laughing at me saying that when they head to bed for the night I'm on the computer researching business ideas, or painting, and when they see me the following day again, I'm in the exact same spot. I go to work during the day of course but pretty much all of my free time is consumed with working on my art.

I was supposed to have a meeting with a business counselor today but it had to be postponed because of the sudden snowstorm. It's rescheduled for Saturday. I'll keep you posted on any good tips I get.

Well this post is kind of boring... But I'm beyond exhausted and headed to bed.

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