Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Life isn't about finding yourself...

.... Life is about creating yourself." I thought it was only fitting to begin my first blog entry with one of my most favorite quotes. Growing up, I always thought that what I wanted to do with my life would just come to me, in an instant, like a bee sting or the hiccups, and that I would suddenly know exactly who I was and what my future would hold. Some people say that they "found themselves" by going off to college. Or by backpacking through Europe. Or by doing volunteer work for the less fortunate. But after I graduated from OSU, spent many amazing summer nights in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and spent more than a few college weekends waking up bright and early to volunteer at a homeless shelter, I still felt as lost as ever. Don't get me wrong- all of those things were beautiful experiences that I wouldn't trade for the world. But throughout all of it, I never got smacked in the face with my destiny. Not one life-changing, clouds-parting, angels-singing moment that made life instantly easier to navigate.

I discovered the above quote in an unusual place: in a decorative little piece of art hanging on my aunt's bathroom wall. A little gem of wisdom that I had overlooked many times before suddenly seemed to "click" and I realized that whatever I wanted to be, or do, or try, or experience in my life was all up to me. Nothing was going to just fall in my lap. I needed to work at it. I needed to learn to ask questions, take risks, push myself, and above everything else, create the person I wanted to see in the mirror.

And create I will.

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