Sunday, July 29, 2012

27 Things Update!

With our wedding coming up in exactly 68 days (eeee!), I've been a bit preoccupied and have neglected my blog more than I would like-- but I suppose that's life! Yesterday was Kyle's birthday and as we reflected on the past year of his life, it got me to start reflecting on mine as well.

My birthday isn't until October but since I haven't revisited my "27 Things" list since... well... since I wrote it, I thought I'd review it to see if I've actually gotten anything accomplished. I was shocked to see how much I've done even without referring to the list much at all.

So let's briefly review, shall we?

#2- Start Skyping: I started skyping following my video interview with Right-Brain Business Plan creator, Jennifer Lee. Getting all set up and chatting with Jenn was super fun and easy!

#3- Lead a Workshop: Back in June I led my first Right-Brain Business Plan Workshop! I still haven't posted about how it all went (wow, I am slacking, aren't I!?) but it was a lot of fun and a HUGE learning experience for me. More details to follow in a future recap post.

#5- Re-launch MoKoPo: I'm not sure what my initial goal was with this one. At the end of last year sometime I did revamp my website and switched to a different platform,, for my MoKoPo main site. But, I'm already bored with this one and I plan to "re-launch" MoKoPo again (and probably again and again...) in the future.

#8- Make a Video of Me Painting: This one was a lot of fun to do! Like most creative projects I take on, I knew exactly what I wanted to do (paint an entire piece on video, then speed it up as a progression and set it to music), but I didn't quite know how to go about doing it. I used my Flip camera, and just "winged" it (no pun intended, haha). It ended up taking a lot longer than I thought with all the cropping, editing, and compiling I had to do but I was really pleased with how it turned out. You can see the finished project here: Butterfly Progression

#9- Complete a 10-Day Juice Fast: I put "not quite" by this one because after watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" on Netflix, Kyle and I had big ambitions to complete our own fast. In the movie they did 60-days but we decided to be a bit more realistic and shoot for 10-days. We totally underestimated how hard it would be and barely made it a day after choking down our disgusting juice concoctions. Since the first juice fast debacle, and using some guidance from the lovely Lacy Young, I regrouped and completed a 3-day fast and felt great! I am now hooked on juicing and always turn back to it when I'm feeling a bit sluggish or when my eating habits have been less than stellar.

#12- Start a Vegetable Garden: We built a 4'x8' garden bed in our backyard and planted some veggies in early summer. After a few days, they were all dried and shriveled and we thought for sure they were dead. But, we kept at it, making sure they were well watered everyday and after a few summer rain showers they are growing and blooming like crazy! We are so thrilled! We are currently growing grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes, strawberries, basil, acorn squash, zucchini, onions, and spinach. Our cucumbers, garlic, and broccoli didn't make it (R.I.P.)

#13- Go Vegan For a Week: This was much easier than I ever thought! I went a least a few months completely vegan and although I have since had meat or cheese occasionally, I'm looking forward to a getting back to a cleaner diet. Even though we'll enjoy an occasional burger or chicken on our salad when we eat out, we don't keep any meat or dairy in our house which helps us to eat better at home.

#20- Wreck a Journal: I purchased my "Wreck This Journal" book at a local bookstore (Blue Manatee Books) and started it's destruction. I find it difficult to keep at it because I sometimes forget I have it. But, it's a process and I'm in no hurry to finish it.

#22- The "Inspired Snail" Project: When I first came up with this idea, it was a totally different concept involving postcards and secret messages. However, as I kept getting more and more questions about the business side of being a creative entrepreneur I decided to start a different blog to put all that info. and I liked the name "Inspired Snail" so much I decided to name the new site that. You can visit Inspired Snail here:

#26- Take Photobooth Pics with Kyle:

#27- Write an E-Book: I have a few e-books in the works (slowly but surely), but I did put together a mini-ebook that you get for free when you sign up for the Inspired Snail newsletter!

Just a few short months to finish the rest. We'll see how it goes! :)

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