Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Website: Streamlined and Info-friendly!

I just wanted to pop in to let you all know that I have revamped the MoKoPo Headquarters site! HOORAY! Yes, I know, it seems like I've made it over a thousand times (ok, ok, this is the 4th version) but here's a brief little history of events:

MoKoPo #1 was created via Weebly and it was very simple and boring. It also contained a bunch of my old high school work. Cool.

MoKoPo #2 was launched via Wix. I love the Wix platform but it was more of a portfolio slideshow than anything else and you had to scroll through all of my work to find the one piece you were looking for.

MoKoPo #3 was created more as a headquarters type of site. I wanted categories for my portfolio which was the main focus of this site. However, my "New in the Studio" category quickly became too full and the layout wasn't the best, leaving me little room to add more categories of work.

SO! #4 is officially launched! A few highlights:
  • I nixed the slideshow and went with a gallery layout of my work instead. I also streamlined my portfolio so that it included only the signature "MoKoPo" style that I'm promoting right now, and not everything I've ever done. I think I might create a small website to serve as a full portfolio just for myself but that's on the back-burner.
  • This one has direct links to my other websites including my blog, facebook page, etsy shop, and new Buck and Libby site. The old website was set up so you would click one "blog" on the front page, which would lead you to another page to click, and then FINALLY get to my blog. Blah! Too many steps!
  • An easier to read (and easier to manage) "Upcoming Events" page
  • Social Media Buttons including facebook, twitter, and blogger
  • And my personal favorite out of everything: The front page is LOADED with information! I love that I can post all of the major news on the very first page to keep my fans and followers updated. 

Will this be my last MoKoPo Website revamp? Probably not. But I'm definitely more satisfied with the current set up.

Check out the new site here: www.MoKoPo.com and let me know what you think!

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