Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And the Winners Are.....

Before I announce the three winners of the MoKoPo Spring Giveaway, I wanted to briefly explain how I went about picking these winners:
  1. I wrote out each and every one of your names, once for every time you entered. Believe me, after writing many of your names up to seven times each (7 ways to enter), my hand got pretty tired.
  2. Then, I went over to good ol' Random.org, typed them all out, and the website spit out a list of all of your names totally randomized in a numbered list.
  3. Finally, I used another randomizer to select three random numbers up to the total number of entries. Each number corresponded to a different person and thus, we have our selections!
Now after that brief disclaimer and proclamation of my fairness and honesty, drumroll please....

1st Place and winner of a Custom 5x5 Mini-Painting: TiLT!!
2nd Place and winner of any $15.00 or less print of your choice from my shop: Donna aka Froggi!!
3rd Place and winner of any $10.00 print or less of your choice from my shop: MaryLee!

HOORAY!! Congrats to our winners!!!! 

I will be contacting each of you shortly regarding your selections and to arrange shipment!

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  1. Woo Hoo!!!!
    So looking forward to it :)