Thursday, April 28, 2011

8 "Firsts" That Will Take Place At This Weekend's Show

 I have been super excited about this weekend's Newport on the Levee show and, until today, I couldn't really figure out why. I mean, don't get me wrong, I get pretty excited about ALL of my shows, but what made this one different? Then I got to thinking... and I realized this show will be filled with lots of "firsts" for me:
  1. My brand new "Two Wheels" prints for sale
  2. Debut of my new "Buck and Libby" line
  3. MoKoPo Greeting Cards on sale for the first time in person
  4. New and improved custom-made booth set up (thanks Dad!)
  5. My very first two-day event
  6. My very first event out of state
  7. All of my prints are now updated with stiff backing board, individual price stickers, and my shop address on each one (how snazzy!)
  8. My first show at such a large, public arena (as opposed to a school or church setting)
How exciting! Saturday's weather is supposed to be amazing so I hope to see your smiling faces, and hopefully meet some of you guys that are still strangers :)

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