Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

Some of my latest faves!:

I just recently became the proud recipient of a brand new Droid which has proven to be very handy for business purposes. Now, the only problem is that I tend to be a little rough on electronics. This case is not only super cute, but it can be used as a minimized purse of sorts. Money, cards, ID, phone. Who needs anything else?

For someone who is creatively minded but organizationally challenged, this is the perfect fit! I love the large scale since I remember things better when they are in plain sight and the chalk-pen is SO clever.

Oh my goodness! This is the cutest thing EVER! I don't really have a need for this right now, but my sister is pregnant with her second child and I think this would be perfect for a child's room (hint hint, Jen!)

I love this artist's work! I like how the subjects are ambiguous and the scenes are nostalgic and together they create a sort of "Insert Your Own Memories Here _________" kind of feel. Beautiful.

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