Thursday, August 12, 2010

Studio Away From Studio (and other new happenings!)

Let me first start by saying my boyfriend is amazing.

Now that that's out of the way, let me explain why. We spend a lot of time together which is great! However, he also lives about 25 minutes away from me so I would often joke that I felt like a child of a divorce-- When I was at his house I would realize I left something at my house. And when I was at home, I would realize I had taken something to his house and left it there. Usually these "things" were related to my artwork. I would be at home and inspired to paint, then realize that I had taken my painting to his house to work on. Or, I'd be at his house and get a brilliant idea to add ribbon to my painting and realize I left all my ribbon at home. Frustrating.

So, my boyfriend (Hi Kyle!), being so very supportive like he is, offered to give me a whole room in his house just for me to "go crazy and create" in. A "Studio Away From Studio" in my home away from home! :)

I got it all set up yesterday and I am SO excited to get in there and create!!

I'll have to add more photos once I get things on the walls and such. But hooray for my own little space, and an extra HOORAY for giant windows with natural light!

On a somewhat related note, I have also been commissioned to do a GIANT painting which I'm very excited about. It will be a huge undertaking but I've always loved the idea of working on a larger scale and now's my chance! Okay, so it's not billboard-sized but it still looks pretty funny and awkwardly large on my easel, haha. (I kept Sadie, the dog, in the photo for a size comparison)

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