Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Seven!!

I'm loving these weekly blog ideas so I've decided to start one for Saturdays as well. I will pick a different topic and list 7 items for that topic each week. I invite you to leave YOUR list of seven in the comments below! Have fun!

7 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I've never broken a bone **knock on wood**
    I was never much of a risk-taker as a child. I had some twisted ankles and ugly bruises from sports growing up, but when it came to leaping off of things, going super fast on my rollerblades, or things of that nature, I was always the child that would sit back and watch my friends do it while saying "you guys are're gonna get hurt...see I told you..."

2. I can sing the alphabet backwards
   A pointless skill, really. Unless of course I am ever quizzed during a sobriety test....not that I intend to need a sobriety test... but still...

3. I know sign language
  I wish I could use it more often but I still enjoy teaching friends and family signs occasionally. I also like to see other people using ASL and, although it's rude, I like to "eavesdrop" and see if I can tell what they're talking about.

4. I used to be obsessed with pandas
   When I was little my room was full of panda stuffed animals. If anything had a panda face on it, I'd need to buy it. Each stuffed panda had a name and I'd have to rotate sleeping with them so that none of them would feel left out (oh childish imaginations!) I still have my most cherished panda, cleverly called "Pandy" (how original right?)

5. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day
   I could live on bacon and eggs and I don't understand people who can wake up and immediately crave a cheeseburger or spaghetti. Even if it's just a bowl of cereal, I need something "breakfasty" before my stomach wants anything else.

6. I'm usually completely disorganized...
   ...but I LOVE shopping for organizers and office supplies. I could spend a fortune on filing systems, create a zillion charts and lists, and have a box for each kind of art supply...but then never use any of it.

7. Fall is my most favorite time of year 
    The leaves changing pretty colors, being able to wear jeans and hoodies, having firepits at night, OSU football, my birthday, Halloween...what's not to love?!

What are seven things I don't know about YOU? :)


  1. Love the idea, Meg! And, I must say...I never knew we had one of these in common. I can sing my ABCs backwards, too! Must run in the family. :) Love you!

  2. Wow aren't we different. Our family has always been special. i can't sing the alphabet backwards, but i can do something even more odd. I can sing the ABC's by jut singing their sounds. That doesn't sound hard at all, but I can do it very fast, and to the tune of other songs like jingle bells, happy birthday, and yankee doodle. Next time we are in the same room, we can amaze ourselves with our uncanny talents.
    I love you guys!
    Aunt Shay