Friday, July 9, 2010

New Paints!

I've been wanting to try some higher-quality acrylic paints and with Michael's having a sale, I decided now was the time to splurge! I had a "50% off one regular price item" coupon and I'm a member of the "Michael's Rewards" club (which I highly recommend!) so I bought 2 different sample assortments of Golden brand paints and mediums for a really good deal! The whole "mediums" thing is new to me so I thought the sample assortment was my best bet since I could experiment with all of them and pick the ones I like most.

Then I went to work on an experimental painting, testing all of the colors and all of the mediums in this one painting. It was SO much fun! The colors are so much more vibrant and I love the different textures that the mediums supplied.

1 comment:

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