Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive...

Since I've been a little lax on updating my blog, I thought I'd write today to do a quick recap of what's been going on in the land of MoKoPo and in my life in general!

1. New artistic direction:
I've started taking orders for custom portraits via my website! It started as an experiment with using oil paint, something I haven't worked with in years, and ended up being something I completely enjoyed and forgotten how much I loved. Portraits have always been my favorite thing to draw and paint; my sketchbooks as a kid were filled with drawings of women. Then, in high school, my Studio Art AP portfolio submission was filled with black and white portraits of women. But I had never mixed oil (something I used to paint landscapes) with portrait work. My nephew, Gavin, was my first subject and I really enjoyed the results. (See previous blog post for photo)

2. MoKoPo branching out:
I have an ongoing struggle with myself about the fact that I don't feel like I have one strong artistic voice. I sometimes feel like I don't have that signature "style" where someone can look at my drawing or painting and say "That's a MoKoPo painting, for sure!" Some people might think that about my bright, colorful textured paintings, and while I agree, the conflict comes in when I look at all the other styles I have in my general portfolio. Black and white portraits, bright whimsical paintings, humorous colored pencil drawings, digital photography, etc. So! In an attempt to remedy the disorganization and scatter-braininess (yes, I made that word up) I decided to compartmentalize my work into their own respective Etsy shops. I've decided to keep my home base site as In this shop I will keep my vibrant, whimsical paintings (e.g. "The Women", "Treeline", etc.) as well as my gift items like journals and notebooks. In addition, I will be opening TWO new Etsy shops: for my digital photography prints, and for my custom portraits and more serious subject matter. I'll be sure to keep you all posted when I start to add items to theses shops!

3. "Going once, going twice..."
I've been putting together donations for a couple of upcoming auctions that I'm VERY excited about. The first is this coming Saturday, the 24th at OSU. In college I was in a fabulous scholars group called the Mount Leadership Society- a group dedicated to community service and leadership and a program that I am 100% in support of. For this auction, I'm donating some digital photos I took of the Mount dorm (Halloran House) as well as a close-up photo of a lamppost on campus. (Photos Below). The second auction is in November and it's a fundraiser for the elementary school that my siblings and I attended. For that I'm still working on compiling one big MoKoPo Creations gift basket. I'm hoping to include one of my prints, a journal, some digital photos of the school itself, and possibly and original painting.

4. Family Visit!!
This past weekend my sister, Jen, brother-in law, Jarrod, and nephew, Gavin, came from New York for a weekend visit! Gavin is absolutely adorable and mischievous! I think the best way to sum up the cuteness is with a couple of photos:

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