Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I've Been Up To: My OTHER Business

Some of you many already know this, but MoKoPo is just one of the two businesses I currently own. For the past 2 years I've been working solo as a Licensed Massage Therapist out of a studio in my home. These two career choices merge very well as both allow a lot of flexibility and control over my own schedule.

Last year, when I moved out of my duplex apartment and in with Kyle, my old residence suddenly seemed huge-- and vacant! I decided to move my massage room from the top floor to the main floor and even then I had SO MUCH room. My dear friend, Kimberly, is also a massage therapist so I got in touch with her to discuss teaming up and relaunching our business together. Fortunately, she was totally on board and the past 4 months or so has been spent making marketing plans, creating logos and websites, gathering supplies, and gearing up for our Grand Opening Open House which we held last Saturday.

Being relatively new small business owners and having a tight budget to work with, we did most of the work ourselves (with a little help from our handy family members!) This was not too difficult to do, with my craftiness and her adventurous spirit mixed with some serious Pinterest inspiration. We were so pleased with the overall look and feel of our studio and our Open House was a huge success!

Here are just a few of the crafty details in our new place:

Painted flower boxes hide an ugly old doorbell fixture
We bought inexpensive canvases and stapled different kinds of fabric to them as part of a quick and budget-friendly gallery wall in our entryway
We used some of the leftover fabric to tie the hallway collage in with our living room by whipping up some new pillow cases (thanks, Mom!)

Branding was very important to us so we plastered our logo on everything we could including:

Mini body scrub samples we gave out to our open house guests as a little "Thank You" for coming
and water bottle labels we printed ourselves!
Our fireplace was also in desperate need of an update. Who decided to put peach seashell tiles in a living room fireplace in the first place?? Tacky. But, with a little oil-based metallic silver paint, we snazzed it right up!

And last but certainly not least, we took a huge risk and ran with it by painting an ENTIRE wall in our waiting room with chalkboard paint! Our first thought was to paint a small rectangle in the center of the room, but as a way to avoid tedious measuring and taping off perfect right angles, we scrapped the rectangle idea and went with the whole wall. We are SO happy with how it turned out because it serves as both a functional memo board with our specials and prices, and also as a statement piece that makes a huge impact. LOVE.

Phew! Looking back at all the work we did makes me exhausted all over again, but we could not be more pleased with having things up and running. We've gotten nothing but good response from our customers and friends and we are so excited to see how things develop for us in the future.

What is your favorite of the projects we completed? Do you have any DIY ideas for a small business workspace? We'd love to hear them!

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