Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

I hope you all had a fabulous and lovely Independence Day!

Mine was filled with family, friends, and food and felt like sunshine and freedom (hehe). We celebrated our family friend, Phyllis' birthday, with a good old-fashioned grill out and some lively conversation on our back patio. Good times!

I went to do some grocery shopping earlier in the day and I stopped into Sam's Club for a few items. An elderly fellow was working there giving out samples of watermelon so I stopped by for a taste (watermelon + July 4th = no-brainer). As I said "thank you" and started to leave the booth, the man said, "Happy Independence Day" with extra emphasis on "independence day". It actually caught me a bit off-guard.

 I said, 
"Thank you, you don't hear that very often. Usually people say 'Happy 4th of July' instead" 
to which the man replied,
 "The way I see it, every country has a fourth of July. Who cares that it's the 4th? I'm not celebrating the date, I'm celebrating the meaning."

Brilliant, sir. Brilliant.

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