Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear IKEA, My dresser just exploded. Love, Megan

One of the strangest things to ever happen to me occurred yesterday and I needed to write about it and share. Some of you may not even believe me but I promise I'm not embellishing a thing...

Yesterday was a very productive day for me and the fam. My mom and aunt came to my apartment to help me get organized and to help tidy up. My dad came over to do some detailed fixes like electrical outlets and shelf hanging. My brother, Tyler, came over and I helped him get started on some of his homework.

While everyone was being busy bees, Tyler and I began reading his book on Greek gods and goddesses aloud. Out of nowhere the pane of glass sitting on top of my dresser spontaneously EXPLODED into a zillion pieces and went flying across my room! Tyler and I were SHOCKED. My mom thought my dad had fallen down the steps. My sister, Briana, heard the "bang!" from the yard next door and came running over. My first thought was that something had come through my bedroom window (it looks out onto the front porch). Perhaps a neighbor kid threw a ball or something. But then I saw that it was the dresser. Then I thought it was probably the frame hanging on the wall above it that had fallen, but nope! It was still there. Nothing was sitting on top of it. Nothing had fallen on it. It was room temperature with nothing extremely hot or cold in sight. It had simply shattered without any apparent reason.

I of course "googled" this to see if it had happened to anyone else and I got a bunch of forum posts and such of people discussing pressure changes and temperature effects, and blah blah blah... I had joked that perhaps it was my Grandma's spirit who was angry that we were working on my aunt Rose's birthday. Or maybe it was my Grandpa's spirit, annoyed that he wasn't included on the family gathering.

Whatever it was- pressure, temperature, spirits, or coincidence- it was a bizarre event that nonetheless made us all stop our busy lives for a moment and remember the ones we loved and lost.

The aftermath:

The remains:

Me and My Grandpa:

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