Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home Shweet Home

Well I'm finally starting to feel at home in my new apartment! I painted my bedroom first, a subtle purpley-grayish color. Then I noticed that a bamboo plant I had in there looked really pretty with the bright green/purple contrast. So I decided to paint my living room a bright "planty" green color. Let me tell you, trying to find a light green, that's bright, but not neon is VERY difficult. So as I started to paint the living room I got really nervous about how crazy bright it was. But! I just kept telling myself, "I'm young and artsy...maybe I can pull this off." Adding dark brown curtains, brown shelves over the fireplace, white trim/bookshelves, and bright pops of color pulled it all together. It's been tons of fun adding my own personal taste and touch to my place with artwork that I do, as well as work from other artists I admire. My most favorite recent additions have been the miniature spray roses in my bedroom and on my coffee table. They add a little bit of "pretty" to the place :)

My bedroom is relaxing, cozy, a little romantic, and girly. My living room is bright, cheery, colorful and fun. My kitchen and bathroom are works in progress.

My place is completely "Me".

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